How to Fix Door Knob Problems

How to Fix Door Knob Problems

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Although door knobs are not damaged easily, daily pushing and pulling of the door might cause them to become loose. Sometimes, we might turn the knob but the door won't lock. In other cases, the strike plate is damaged or is not properly aligned with the bolt. All these problems have easy solutions, yet they can cause important security issues if they are not fixed at once. Most certainly, Locksmith Harlow is at your service. If you want to check the nature of the problem or repair minor door knob problems, these instructions will help you.How to Fix Door Knob Problems

Learn how to replace the door knobs

When the door knob is turned, the bolt comes out and fits in the strike plate's slot. That's how the door locks. With daily pulling of the knob, it will become loose over time. This one of the easiest problems since you just have to tighten the screws of the knob at both sides of the door. You will have to do the same for the strike plate if its screws get loosened up. Problems get more difficult when they are related to the bolt mechanism. In this case, it's best to have the locks replaced. Start by removing the door knobs. In order to do that you should loosen the screws of the latch bolt at the edge of the door as well as the screws of the exterior and interior knobs. In order to remove them without dropping them on the floor, use your free hand to hold the knob in place as you are removing the screws. 

Once the old knobs are removed, it's time to place the new ones. Make sure to get the same size when you shop for new locks so that you won't have to enlarge the existing holes on the door. When you place the new mechanism in the hole, make sure it is placed in the right direction. It must face the way the bolt closes. Tighten the screws of the plate but not all the way. It's best to put the two knobs at the interior and exterior parts of the door first before you start tightening all screws. Though when you install the second knob, be sure that the screws are properly lined with the mechanism inside the door's hole. You can do that by holding the knob's plate further from the door. Once you are sure everything is in place, tighten all screws and make sure that the door is secured properly. 

If you want to replace the strike plate at the door jamb, you should remove the screws and remove it. Get the same size strike plate and place it in the exact position of the older one. Tighten the screws and check that the strike plate is aligned with the bolt of your deadlocks by keeping the door slightly open and turning the knob to lock the door. Keep in mind that some problems related to the bolt's alignment might not be associated with the mechanism but the security door's alignment. So, do check the door's hinges and make sure the door does not sag and all is moving properly.

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