UPVC Door Locks

UPVC door locks can malfunction over time and use, but we at Locksmith Harlow are always available to fix them.

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UPVC door locks are popular for plenty of good reasons, and are used for both commercial and domestic purposes. However, should the door or lock malfunction, you will be exposed to burglary or an unpleasant lockout situation. These can all be prevented if you take care of any issue as soon as you notice it. Here below are some of the most common issues with these doors and locks, and what we will do to solve each and every one.

Lock Repairs

UPVC Door LocksIf the key is very hard to turn or cannot get inside the lock at all, the issue is with the cylinder. If cleaning, lubrication and adjustment do not help, the component will be replaced so that the lockset can work normally again. The other major issue is a stuck latch. It can be stuck inside the set or the strike receiver. Simple jamming can be fixed with the careful application of a special technique. If the locking mechanism is seriously damaged or broken, the entire lockset is replaced for restoring the security of the premises.

Problem with theUPVC Door

There are all kinds of issues that can affect the operation of the lock adversely even if the device is in good condition. If the door does not fit the frame properly and cannot close all the way, this is usually due to a loose or damaged hinge. The hinges will be fixed or replaced accordingly, and the unit will be aligned. The door may not close properly due to torn rubber seal as well. In this case, the seal has to be replaced right away. Less often, the strike plate is loose and has to be readjusted and tightened.

Lock Change

There are several reasons for replacing the old lock with a new one. When you move into a new home or the front door lockset of your house is worn or outdated, it is wise to opt for a more advanced device. It is best if it has bolts and hooks rather than mushroom and roller cams. The cylinder must be resistant to snapping.

When you require new lock installation or repair, let us know and we will get the job done professionally and swiftly. Our highly qualified technicians are equipped with advanced tools to fix locksets and doors. Contact us at Locksmith Harlow over the phone or leave a note. Go over our website for more information on our services.

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